Gadgeteer at Maker Fair bay area 2015

Thanks to Colin for sharing the image and bringing Gadgeteer to maker fair bay area 2015. Also, thanks to @ taylorza (Chris) for the pacman code :slight_smile:


I’m really going to miss the bay area makers faire…:frowning:

I wish there was one down here…

It’s not that hard to start one. I bet you wouldn’t have a hard time finding some help.

@ mtylerjr - Maker Faire | Global - Maker Faire

They got a pretty good dose of Gadgeteer at that Fair, nice to see!!!


Are we soon getting some youngsters on board, I think the average age here is getting a little to the high end?? :whistle:

Hey there now. I resemble that remark.

…but that goes to my earlier comments elsewhere that the whole ‘feel’ here (web site and product line) is much more industrial/engineer than ‘Maker’. Visit adafruit and sparkfun and such and you’ll see a markedly different design aesthetic and closer coupling of social features (discussions) with products - with the two often appearing on the same page (e.g., sparkfun, with one comment stream per product). That doesn’t mean ghi is wrong in any way - they can court whatever audience they want - but if they want to court the maker audience, I think there is work to do in web content, distributorship, marketing and presence in the maker world. This is just my two cents worth, but it comes from some experience running a maker-friendly storefront in Europe.