Gadgeteer app for your Windows Phone

In my continuing efforts to try to promote Gadgeteer I built a Windows Phone app that shows off some of the cool things folks have been doing with Gadgeteer as well as other information. You can get it from the Windows Phone Store for free here:

Go Go Gadgeteer!!!



I mentioned this to Skewworks, but it applies to you – sites like these list new & updated WP apps. They would likely be helpful to get the word out there:

Installed - nice work :slight_smile:

It says its not available for my phone because of os versin, provider or region.
Samsung W7 (or similar I think, GT-I8350), WP7.8, Germany

Sorry @ Reinhard Ostermeier it does require Windows Phone 8

The ‘More’ section is cloud based and can be updated as needed so if anyone has good Gadgeteer sites please let me know and I’ll add them.

no problem

I have Windows 8 but it says its not available in my region :frowning:

EDIT: Nevermind… That’s what I get when I go to the store from my PC. Using the barcode from my phone worked.

EDIT #2: Nice job! Are you screen scraping the data from GHI? I had wanted to do something similar a while back but GHI never responded to my pleas to bring back their API they once had.

OK honesty time here. If I was to build this app again it would likely take me maybe 15 minutes, or in other words it would take me longer to do the background and graphics then the app itself. For the GHI related stuff I used their RSS feeds and while I would have liked to do more with them, I understand that GHI controls the ShowCase stuff and the other feeds are more dependent on what folks enter (or don’t), so the ShowCase section in the app looks better then the other sections. There is my Gadgeteer Channel from YouTube and a search on YouTube for the other sections. The More section is a little more interesting as its cloud based and I can add/edit/delete items in that list as needed.

Now how do you write a Windows Phone app in 15 minutes, I used so there isn’t actually any coding. This came about after I got Jan Hannemann who is our local Nokia Developer Ambassador, to do a User Group Presentation in Calgary ( Login to Meetup | Meetup ) on this tool and I thought it would be perfect for an informational app for Gadgeteer, so it happened. Now Windows Phone apps are very much on my radar as I wrote apps for Windows Mobile years ago and some were even available in the app store (others required 3 or even better 7 letter agency security clearances etc :wink: )

But check out the tool as for some apps its a workable solution.

and don’t forget to use if you are planning to generate apps for both platforms WP8 and Windows8 :slight_smile:

@ Jay Jay the plan is to release the Gadgeteer app to Windows 8 store as well, so I’ll sign up for now

@ Duke Nukem - Nice app, but why does it require location services?

@ Duke Nukem - Noticed another thing…since the GHI Creations feed only lists 20 items, you’re missing 2 of the available creations. Wondering if you could convince GHI to expand the RSS feed to more items?

For those who have downloaded the Gadgeteer Phone App, thanks, but would you mind doing a review on it so others might feel more confident downloading it as I’m trying to spread the gospel of Gadgeteer throughout the world and the number of reviews and ratings help to keep the app in the New+Rising list.