Gadgeteer and .Net Micro Framework - connected?

Can someone possibly confirm that the recent discontinuation of products/services related to Gadgeteer does not imply a similar discontinuation of stuff associated with .Net Micro Framework?

Why are these two technologies not more closely related? why cancel support for one but not the other? I’m just confused by this.

Actually, GHI has announced that they will discontinue creating products for both. On the NETMF side, going forward they will be releasing products based on their proprietary fork of NETMF called TinyCLR. It’s similar but don’t expect compatibility with the open source NETMF.

@ KorporalKernel - we only discontinued gadgeteer products, which you can still buy as a special order.

If you are working on a design and have any concerns then just give us a call and we will happily answer all of your questions.


OK from Ian’s reply above too, it seems that you are continuing to support .Net Micro Framework but for a host of reasons have named your implementation of that as TinyCLR OS - is that correct?

Is TinyCLR open source?

As you know the CLR and .Net framework (on PCs for example) are distinct components (although users/consumers never really notice that).

So is TinyCLR OS a proprietary implementation of a CLR for embedded work that retains compatibility with the .Net Micro Framework from MS or does is include it’s own version of the entire .Net Micro Framework as well?

I guess these terms ate not 100% clear to me.


TinyCLR is the future but we are in early stages with very little announcements around it so far. Stay tuned and I think you will love the coming announcements. I also suggest you take a look at the existing announcements.