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Gadgeteer and graphics


Hey! I am a newbie and have a simple question. I would like to write a simple game with simple graphics (like Tetris or similar). How can I effectively draw all the shapes? Thanks for the help, Dulcinea


Any question like this with the word all can be difficult to answer. :smiley:

The Micro Framework does not have the powerful graphics library that comes with the full .NET.

There are methods to draw bitmaps, lines, eclipses, and rectanges, as well as printing text. Eclipses and rectanges can be drawn as only a border or with internal coloring. There are no methods for drawing polygons.

You can create complex bitmaps, within Visual Studio or with another tool, and make them resources of the project. You can then draw them to the screen.

You have access at the pixel level, so you can drawn anything. How effective that is depends upon your definition of effective.

As I recall, the sprites in Tetris are made up of rectanges, which are easy to draw.


Hey! Thank you for the answer. Helps me a lot.

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