Gadgeteer ADC Modules

I use the MCP3428 with I2C interface and I get a nice stable 16 bit reading when using pressure to depth sensors. Interface voltage reference. With this I get 1mm resolution on a 10M depth sensor.

Input is 0-2.048 volts. I use 4-20mA so the range is ideal.

There is even a nice C# code that someone wrote for the MCP3424 (same device but slower sampling time) so it would be fairly easy to make something up.

This could be my first creations effort but I don’t know what everyone wants?

I’ve a driver for MCP3424, I wrote for my ADC board.

The photo give an idea, although this specific board was my 15 years old son attempt to solder smd !!
You can chain 4 boards to make 16ch.

It’s not nice to blame your drunk soldering on your son… :open_mouth:

@ ianlee74 - Ahahah … I sure make worse than him !

@ dobova - if that’s his first attempt at smd soldering then well done him. That pretty good.
Now you need to make more of these modules to give him the experience and get the module on creations :wink:

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@ MikeCormier,

How to convert digital value to volts. A 10 bit output will have 1024 possible states. To calculate this raise 2 to the 10 th power. A 24 bit output will 16.8 million states, again raise 2 to the 24 th power.

The ratio of your measured digital value to the maximum possible states is equal to the ratio of the voltage you are measuring to the span voltage.

Ex: Suppose you are reading a value of 512 on a 10 bit read. The voltage range is 0 to 5 volts.
512/1024 = x/5
x = 2.5 volts

Was this what you wanted?

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at 0 volts i am getting some high readings 16000+ values.
how do you have it wired?