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Gadgeteer 4.3 on codeplex


Hi Gus,

I decided to answer you here instead of Codeplex, as I tought it will be more productive.

So why I want 4.3 ?

First at all it’s for convenience. I got a fresh install of Win8 with VS012. And I don’t want to install 2010. NETMF4.3 (still RTM version) was made for 2012, so I tought that Gadgeteer will follow quickly. I’m not asking for a updated release, just a compatible compilation. For now I’m trying to work in a WM with Win7 and VS2010 but it’s not so good.

After that it’s to reassure. Since december, no checkin, no communications (I don’t not count showcase post on the blog). No activity in the forum (
The main problem is when you know Microsoft, a silent project is never a good sign (so many example, last one could be XNA). Well, a little disgression as I know since the Techdays in Paris, that there is an active team in MS (not in Research) working for home automation projects. I don’t know how related it is with NETMF and/or Gadgeteer, but maybe… I can suppose that this team could be responsible for the silence.

Then you have to take account about company like you. First NETMF4.3. Then Gadgeteer4.3. Then your solution 4.3 With firmware 4.3.

There is the example of what Netduino team made. Provide a full 4.3 environnment. I don’t know what it’s including at gadgeteer level, but I hope they didn’t pu a lot of changes. It will be dangerous to get something different from the code at Codeplex, because then… What’s the point to Codeplex ?

I totally understand that for production environment, you don’t care about new release. You can’t spend time with migration as you want. and just recompile with new version and ship the result : “yeah, it will work”.

But as hobbyist, you just want/need to be always a step ahead.

I surely miss other reasons (I will update), but I hope answered well enough. I know my English is not as good to be able to explain easily my point, so if you need more précisions…



So you do not really need 4.3 but you want to use vs2012. That is what I wanted to know.

By the way, Microsoft has been very active discussing with us through phone and emails and the next release will be out soon.

We even have a release that runs on vs2012 already but it is not public yet :slight_smile:


Can’t this is shared under NDA. It won’t be long anyways. This is normal for Microsoft, at least for NETMF and gadgeteer. They release a private alpha to partners and then make a public beta.

Yeah it won’t be long before we can use VS2012, can’t wait.


It’s not that I need absolutely 4.3. As I said, it’s a missing of communication that was let me to think that something was bad.
And I know MS for pushing new version forceful “What ? you’re still working with .NET4.0 ?? Sooo old…”

Anyways, MS got its reputation…

I missed the gadgeteer session at the Techdays, maybe I could have talked with Scarlet Schwiderski-Grosche…

But now I know that something is done, at least I’m more positive.


Gadgeteer isn’t heading for the retirement home any time soon and I found my conversations with Colin, Kerry and others very favorable during the MVP Summit meetings as I’m sure other Gadgeteer fan MVP attendees found.


If I remember well, NETMF4.2 will not install without VS2010. I thought, as a fact, that the Gadgeteer4.2 installer will get the same behaviour. Am I right ?