Gadgeteer 10cm Cable Pack Sale

Its been a good run while it lasted but we are going out of business.
Before i post a link. i want to make sure we dont step on the toes and cause bad blood with GHI for doing this.

We are going to start selling all our unused stock.

When we first started we bough something on the order of 50 sets of the “Gadgeteer 10cm Cable Pack” If GHI gives the blessing we will follow up with a link so you can buy them at a cost of $15.00 per pack.

Again, these were bought through GHI and are the same ones listed here.

Update, Gus said ok so here is the link.

Sorry to hear about the business. :frowning:

I would love to have one of your fingerprint modules if they go on sale.

Everything is going on a huge sale. I think they are going to be listed for $40 and the module & cable itself for $35.

Count me in for one at $40.

The whole site should be updated by this Monday with the new pricing on everything.
As soon as GUS chimes in here to give the ok, i will post the links for the sale items.

No problem and sorry to hear the bad news. Let us us know if wet can help somehow.

@ Gus, thank you.

I’ll take one or two of these also. I don’t understand the pricing options you describe…

Gus, this would be a nice module for GHI to carry.

This is very sad news. I was so impressed with your fingerprint module when I saw it for the first time. It was always in the back of my mind for a product idea.

@ ianlee74

It was a typo on the module and cable.

They actually wound up being $40 for the module and $30 for the scanner alone.

Well, darn. Wish I’d noticed this when I ordered the modules. I might have added a separate scanner also.

Duno if anyone is interested in buying some bulk on the Gadgeteer cables.
I have changed my listing to offer 30 bags. Each bag has 10 cables.
These were bought directly from GHI.

@ VersaModule - Where can i buy those fingerprints modules?

There are 2 similar kinds floating around. The difference is that the ones we sold were 3.3v. and the rest are 5V. Which ones are you looking for ?