Gadeteer Camera Module as webcam

Ok i remeber seeing somewhere that you can hook up the Camera module direclty to a PC and it becomes a Webcam. Ive searched for it but no joy.
Is this really possible? and how to connect it??

plug it into a DP or sp module and then connect to pc with USB cable

That is actually kind of handy as then I can use something like Movie Maker to focus the camera before I use it in a device.

That’s awesome! I didn’t know that. Now I have a use for this Camera module I bought by accident many months ago when I forgot it wouldn’t work with a Hydra. I was planning to buy a webcam for NashMicro to stream our meetings over the internet. This is even better! Although maybe not high enough resolution… We’ll give it a try.

Blogged :slight_smile:

Sweet ! Thanks guys.

Nice !! i’m also going to do that ! :stuck_out_tongue: