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G80: Unable to communicate with device Serial:COM3


Hi All,

I’m spinning up the latest hardware rev of my board and loaded the TinyCLR 0.7.0 firmware onto the G80 chip successfully. However, when I try to deploy the project via Visual Studio I get the following error:

Unable to communicate with device Serial:COM3

TinyCLR Device Deployment output:

Looking for a device on transport ‘Serial’.
Found device port ‘Serial’ with ID ‘0e5c20bc-c395-49e7-859e-cba41a2b1905’ for transport ‘Serial’.
Starting device deployment.
Attempting to connect to device ‘Serial:COM3’: iteration 0.
Opening port ‘\.\COM3’.
Attaching debugger engine.
Cannot attach debugger engine!

I can still connect to it via TinyCLR Config and it shows:

Any thoughts?


Ugh… So anyone experiencing the above errors…try disconnecting your LDR pin. :roll_eyes:


DOH!!! (Slap head)