G80 uart7


Is there any method of using PE7/PE8 as UART7 on the G80? (or UART8 elsewhere)

Since it doesn’t support RLP we cannot add it that way.

Thanks, Dave

Sorry I don’t have an answer to your question but are you implying that there are 6 and maybe 7 UARTs on the G80? I need as many UARTs as I can get but the GHI G80 catalog web page says there are only 4 UARTs.

the G80 SOC is realized with the STM32F427 processor. The Datasheet lists 8 USART with different features.

From the Manual:
The devices embed four universal synchronous/asynchronous receiver transmitters
(USART1, USART2, USART3 and USART6) and four universal asynchronous receiver
transmitters (UART4, UART5, UART7, and UART8).


@ dpilcher - Unfortunately only the four UARTs we have exposed can be used. You may be able to configure additional device features using the Register and AddressSpace classes, depending on performance requirements.

@ John - OK, who do I have to bribe and how much to get all 8 UARTS exposed?

@ Gene - Exposing additional device features falls under our consulting services.

@ John - Thanks. I was looking at the processor register manual and decided if I enabled the port with no buffering via the registers I could probably poll the data out, but that’s never as nice as native support with interrupts or DMA :slight_smile:

Sounds like a few people might appreciate a couple more ports exposing.

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