G80 SoC Processor - Required External Components

Is there any information about the minimum external components required?

Also, assuming I can get permission for the export restrictions will the same firmware work on the STM32F437? ST is headquartered in Switzerland, so it should be possible to export to my little island.

The G80 dev board schematic is probably a good place to start.


Oh my.

@ Mr. John Smith - like suggested, the schematic is a good start but what you need is a Crystal and 3.3V.

As for the chip, you are buying a G80 not an STM chip. The firmware is encrypted and only licensed to run on the chip you buy from us. However, if you need adifferent micro then we can handle this through our consulting services.

I see a couple crystals connected in the schematic on PC14 & PC15 and on PH0 & PH1. Which is the required one and what is the other one for?

@ ianlee74 - second is for the RTC. It is optional.

Not needing an external CAN controller chip would be awesome. Ah well. At least the design is there on the schematic sheet.

Thanks. Is that the one on PH0 & PH1?

Ok, so that’s clear.

While we’re at it, can we get some high resolutions pictures of the entire board? Even if it’s tiled that’s fine. I can stitch them together.

Nice image.

That might ne difficult, since you Need differnt chips for differ CAN speeds. Also some environments might “ask” for specific chips, like in the automotive sector.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Oh, ok. I didn’t know that. It separated to allow for variances in the implementation. This makes it more robust.

Thanks! but is it correct :slight_smile:

What is the value of Q2, the mandatory crystal? Is it 28Mhz?

I’m asking alot of questions, I know.

Are B0, B1 and TP1 test points?

Q2 is not mandatory - its the RTC xtal so 32.768k

C24 & C25 are mandatory

It is 12mhz. We will be detailing this in the manual and clearing up the schematic.