G80 problems serial debugging with USB client

Hi, I’ve recently implemented a custom USB device using the Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Usb constructs following another sample I found here.

As such, I switched to serial debugging. Everything works fine until I attempt to assign the configuration to the UsbController:

usbController.Configuration = entireConfiguration;

If I step over this line with the debugger, it hangs the G80 board (Panda III), and the debugger freezes. If I reset the board (which disconnects the debugger), it works fine. If I run the board without hooking up a debugger at all, it runs fine, too.

Note: I’m using the pre-release SDK.

Any ideas what might be happening?

@ dguit - This is a known issue with the G80, there is a work around for the 2016 R1 Pre-Release 1, see the following link:


See @ Dat reply#6 for the work around.

Thank you very much, exactly what I needed.