G80 driver for windows 7

i am trying to update my g80th module to tinyclros. i have put the module into bootloader mode and i have uploaded the 0.7.0 firmware. when i click the run button in the fez config the firmware start but windows 7 do not recognize the module. where are the driver for the module? i have download the usb driver for windows 7 but after installation do not have any change


If you used FEZ Config to update the module, you should try with TinyCLR Config instead.

when i click to run in loader tab (fez config) the g80 module is reset. if i check in windows 7 menaged device tools the g80 module don’t have a com port becouse windows don’t install the driver.
in the fez config debug tab the module dont’t recognized. in the connection section i read no device.

the com port is recognized only in bootloader mode.

Are you using TinyCLR Config or FEZ Config? FEZ Config is our older tool that is not meant to be used with TinyCLR.

sorry, i use tinyclr config

What do you see in the device manager for it?

i see the g80 icon with an exclamation point. i click this icon and next update driver, but windows seven doesn’t find any driver (online search and local)

Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce that behavior here using the latest 0.7.0 release or 0.6.0. Is there another machine you can try?

tomorrow i can try to install in my win 10 machine

with my win10 pc the g80 is recognized and this work fine. i also check g30th and i don’t have any problem. i deduct that my g80 don’t have firmware problem. i do not know becouse with the same module i have problems on Windows 7! i should install other software package ?

If the same G80TH works on Windows 10, but not Windows 7, something is likely wrong with your Windows 7 machine. Try different USB ports, make sure it has an internet connection and can download drivers from Windows Update, see if other devices work on it.

ok monday i will do other test. probably my windows update is filtered by my corporate proxy

thank you

I had the same problem. It’s necessay to install driver manually.

where can i find the driver for manual installation?

see this topic
and see Annexe 2 in this document (in french)

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TinyCLR and windows 7 (imported on new forum) same as old ones

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ok, i have follow the instruction and now my system w7 recognize correctly the g80 module.

perfect! thank for cooperation


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