G80 Development Board Working Examples

Being a newbie I have found it frustrating trying to piece too many different sources together to get a working solution on previous boards. Are you planning to have working samples for various features on this exciting board? It would be great if they were on a link on the product page so they could be located easily. Maybe another list/link to show community working examples?

@ Robert24 - the NETMF beginners book had everything s beginner needs. Have you seen lately?

Hi Gus,
No I have not … I have taken a look; do you mean learning to program in visual basic .net gadgeteer? or what is the link?

No samples means I wont be investing in it … sorry; my experience with the other boards has been very time consuming and frustrating!

I have a number of molecules … provided with some open, build, run examples … it makes the difference!


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To be fair, the Molecule.Net stuff is incredibly new (on the order of weeks) on the scene. The Molecule.Net experience right now is not necessarily the right first-stop for someone starting from zero with NETMF. The Gadgeteer stuff and the GHI product line and support both from GHI and the community is much more mature and accessible.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Molecule.Net stuff, am directly involved in it, and am investing a HUGE amount of time in it, but I came to it expecting to have to do almost everything software-wise for myself, including creating firmware images. The Molecule.Net form factor and software have their place, and the software and support will mature, but you need to choose the right tool for the right job (and yes, that’s not even a straightforward task).

Hi Martin,
When I was scratching my head about to give up on .netmf … JJ . that’s Justin and Jason got me past the start line with real world examples, at the moment I lack the knowledge to start from scratch but think I have enough experience to debug code and learn. This is why I am intrigued about your Molecule examples that you are working on.

Sounds good - I am just finished part 4 of the AllJoyn series, and need to do a bit of work before I can post the next AllJoyn article, so I am now going to do a Mobile Services demo on Molecule.Net - from Azure config through NETMF code. That should go online sometime in the next day or so. Then I will return to AllJoyn and show how to integrate various devices and services with Windows 10, NETMF and Linux all in .Net. When my GHI stuff comes (it is stuck in the post somewhere), I will do an “amqp/sblite for serial-wifi” example. The code is too large for the STM32 chips, so I need my GHI platform for those examples. Those articles will come in a couple weeks since I have a fair amount of code work and testing to do yet.

@ Gus - This looks pretty comprehensive, have printed and will read with great interest. Thanks

@ mcalsyn - I have a lot real world projects I dream of; I changed scenery about 18 years ago from IT to engineering; so I have a large gap to catch up on, but I am getting there slowly and hoping to marry the two!

Keep working on it, when I started at GHI. I came from a database and web background, now I can’t get enough of hardware and software! ;D