G400HDR & Cellular Radio Module

Yaler GmbH is a spin-off of Oberon microsystems AG. We are working together in customer projects, with Oberon doing engineering (where this is desired by the customer) and Yaler providing the hosted relay service.

The Yaler software is designed to be high performance (thousands of open SSL connections per relay server), highly scalable (clustering with dozens of servers), and fault tolerant (automatic fail-over between servers).

Uptime of the public cluster has been monitored by an independent company since 2011 (http://status.yaler.net/314313/history). Large accounts can have their own clusters.


Note that for trying out Yaler, a free account can be used. If you happen to own a Mountaineer Ethernet Mainboard, you can try out the samples of my book: http://www.gsiot.info/2013/10/17/gsiot-samples-for-netmf-4-3-beta-1-for-mountaineer/#permalink

Thanks for the details.