Hi GHI Folks,

can you please provide a ‘design it in’ guide, so everybody who want to incooporate a G400D in some design (with debug/program) can see, what is important to provide, which lines were taken over by the degugger/programmer, which basic settings were done (MCK speed) and whatever can be helpful to get it running.
Part # of the socket, to get the right one can be tricky, battery backup, recommended ethernet connector, supply current, why there were +5V connections, how to boot, flash the bootloaders, connect to VS, … just everythink we need to have a fast and painless kick off.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Gerhard,

The G400D is a premium module and in my mind, not something many tinkerers are really going to be using unless that have a lot of design experience with PCB layout etc.

I do however agree with you that the documentation is a little lacking, even for professional use and it would benefit GHI to create a more technical publication for it.

I use SIMCOM modems and they do a really nice hardware reference manual with example connections for all the peripherals.

I would like to see GHI do something like this for the G400D, G120 etc. It would then make the SoM more attractive to many more users. The HDR boards don’t have all the capability connected, such as SD card, Ethernet, CAN etc. A few samples and more details of the power supplies would get people started more easily.

By they, apart from CAN, would not use the native interfaces.

What I was talking about is the native Ethernet, full SD card access (not SPI) to actual physical connectors for each type.

My apologies, so it does! :frowning:

Hangs head in shame!!!


yes, there were two domains, private tinkers and professional users. But I think, that the moduls were fine for professional use also. I have to build scientific measurement equipment and of that nature I produce slightly less pieces than smartfon manufactures do …
This moduls were perfect, but, a painless and smart kick off is important, so providing an evaluation board as for the EMX or Spiceworks will do it, or providing a HDR board and the needed documentation is also ok. For me the HDR board make more sense, cause I only get what I need and have all lines free for usage. but without documentation or System integration guide, it is not so funny.

To the other questions.

Battery backup for RTC
What do I need to boot the first time, I guess some USB connection, but which interface and which driver at the PC. So ist more or less the same as 'How to connect to VS201x.

I worked with the EMX evaluation board and this was quite easy, so it will be really helpful to have some paper pointing everything out, so the start with G400D / G400HDR and some Gadgeteer moduls will be as easy as using the EMX evaluation board.

Thanks for helping.

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So I have to wait for the usb client dp module, which I missed to order as I ordered the G400D/G400HDR, cause lack of documentation.

And than I can start!!

Is there any restriction for VS versions, cause I run VS2012 here and VS2013 at the lab.

Now I can prepare everything and hopfully have a painless kick off, evaluating the G400D fitting my timing needs here or not.

Maybe some GHI folk can made a ‘Quick Start Guide for G400D’ out of this discussion.

With best regards


Thanks Andre,

the schematics were very helpful.

As I have wait for the USB module, I will Setup the Software and prepare everything, hope that I can start soon.

As the brochure told us, it is interesting for Hobbyist and professionals, but for professionals, there should be some enhancement in the documentation, sorry GHI.

With best regards