G400D PA13 disappears?

Hi Everyone, I’m glad to join the community on this new forum.

Just a question, what happen to PA13 on G400D? I am designing a new custom board based on g400d and would like to be able to upgrade the board as deeply as possible. Should I expose PA13 on the board?

PA13, along with PA11 and PA12, are mapped to SPI1 which is used by the flash chip for the G400D. They are only usable as SPI pins, not GPIO.

I know that but in the past this pin was need to upgrade the bootloader. My question then is should I expose this pin in my new PCB in order to ground it and then access through samba tools?

Yes, exposing that pin in your design is recommend so that you can perform device recovery and updates if needed.

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This is already answered under “Design consideration” -> “required pins” in the G400 datasheet.

Isn’t this what you need?

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Ho I forgot to reread the Datasheet… blame on me :confounded:

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