G400D -> mIP


From looking around on the message boards and old documentation, etc., I am thinking I will want to use the Codeplex mIP library to do ethernet networking. I don’t see any specific examples for the G400D but I am just wondering before I get too far down the road if this makes sense for a potential project I have to look at.

  1. ethernet communication tcp/ip with G400D
  2. connect G400D to a router so I can talk to 3 other ethernet ip addresses/connections.
  3. use Codeplex mIP stuff instead of GHI.networking
  4. using the old netmf framework instead of new tinyclr.

This should be doable and makes sense - right? One reason I’m asking is I have never done ethernet on any of these GHI modules (G400D, Cobra, etc). I’ve only done ethernet on a windows pc…

This is a great idea but why do that with NETMF if the module already support Ethernet? I would actually prefer to see it ported to TinyCLR