G400D LCDDEN signal not generating

I can’t get the G400D to output a proper LCD output enable signal using v1.3 of the board but the beta v1.2 is working fine. I’ve tested this on 4 modules, two v1.2 and two v1.3. I’m running the latest firmware on all the modules and I’ve verified all other display signals are well within spec with an oscilloscope. I’ve attached images of the output enable signals. In the first you can see the nice signal getting to the display from v1.2. In the next two you can see varying degrees of signal from two different v1.3 boards that aren’t generating properly. I manually took a peek at the config registers: PIO_ABCDSR1, PIO_ABCDSR2, PIO_PSR, etc… and all looks good so now I suspect the modules. Any ideas?

@ KyleG

What is the board that you are testing these modules on? Which pin are you scoping as the Data Enable pin?

Talked with Aron by e-mail and version 1.2 of the G400D had the data enable on pin 166 but in the final 1.3 version it was moved to pin 146 for pin-compatibility with the ChipworkX. I moved the line and now things are working.