G400D & G400HDR first steps (in HW)

Hi Folks,

I lastly did it.
But there were some minor issue to correct, Jeff.

I followed the steps in this document: https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/236/loader-tinybooter-update-g400

First I get an error in the DOS box, ‘Access denied’.
So I tried to analyze the content of programG400.bat. Unfortunately, this file has the wrong CRLF format for Windows. I only get one very loong line of something. No problem, I opened it in WordPad, which does the job and save … Access denied, aha.

The installation process only gives restricted access rights for the files, and so the empty log file also has restricted access rights and therefore … read issue above.
Note, that I am logged on as an administrator!!!

After changing the access rights, the whole thing works out without any problem and now the blue led is blinking …

Here my test fixture, also solved the problem with the pinning printed on the back side, what a nice idea …

With best regards



Nice work Gerhard.

I know it’s not a lot of work to do ourselves, but any chance to share the document for the pinout you created?

A pre-printed PDF will be ideal.

Pretty please :slight_smile:

… no problem, please tell me, how to post, cause only images were taken by this system here …

pdf is waiting. Maybe printout is not so easy because there would be scaling problems, which I solved with the printing subsys of my PCB program.

With best regards



For this interested in the PDF from Gerhard, it can be downloaded here. (with his permission)

http://www.axoninstruments.biz/download/G400HDR Pinning.pdf

GHI, you might want to put this on the G400 page. I got Gerhard’s permission for this.

It’s a little bit out pitchwise but should help with locating the connections when viewed from above.


@ Dave McLaughlin - Done !

@ Gerhard - Thank you !!

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