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G400D & G400HDR first steps (in HW)


Hi Folks,

I lastly did it.
But there were some minor issue to correct, Jeff.

I followed the steps in this document:

First I get an error in the DOS box, ‘Access denied’.
So I tried to analyze the content of programG400.bat. Unfortunately, this file has the wrong CRLF format for Windows. I only get one very loong line of something. No problem, I opened it in WordPad, which does the job and save … Access denied, aha.

The installation process only gives restricted access rights for the files, and so the empty log file also has restricted access rights and therefore … read issue above.
Note, that I am logged on as an administrator!!!

After changing the access rights, the whole thing works out without any problem and now the blue led is blinking …

Here my test fixture, also solved the problem with the pinning printed on the back side, what a nice idea …

With best regards



Nice work Gerhard.

I know it’s not a lot of work to do ourselves, but any chance to share the document for the pinout you created?

A pre-printed PDF will be ideal.

Pretty please :slight_smile:


… no problem, please tell me, how to post, cause only images were taken by this system here …

pdf is waiting. Maybe printout is not so easy because there would be scaling problems, which I solved with the printing subsys of my PCB program.

With best regards



For this interested in the PDF from Gerhard, it can be downloaded here. (with his permission) Pinning.pdf

GHI, you might want to put this on the G400 page. I got Gerhard’s permission for this.

It’s a little bit out pitchwise but should help with locating the connections when viewed from above.


@ Dave McLaughlin - Done !

@ Gerhard - Thank you !!