G400 Serial Pin Mapping

Is there a document that explains which G400 pins (PAx, PBx, PCx, PDx, etc.) correspond to a particular SerialPort instantiated in NETMF?

The Atmel datasheet can tell me which UART is associated with what pins, but Atmel “UART0” may or may not be equivalent to NETMF “COM1”. It could possibly be “COM4” instead.

Ideally this documentation would say, “NETMF COMx uses these pins” etc.

Nevermind. The assignments are spelled out in the G400 brochure. I was looking at the “G400HDR_Breakout_SCH.pdf” which uses a different COM numbering scheme, hence the confusion. Good to go now!

I wired up COM4 to my device and in software I ended up having to use COM3.

I posted about this but have not had any reply with confirmation from GHI.


I’d be interested if you were using COM4 if you experience the same issue. I am using 4.3 for the development.

I am using COM3 and COM4 and have not seen any software-driven mismatches. COM3 and COM4 have ended up on the pins that the docs said they would. I’m still using 4.2, however, so your situation may be different.

My particular issue stemmed from documentation confusion (mostly on my part . . . I think).