G400 / Raptor Handshaking line details

According to the GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2015 R1 release notes, handshaking should be available on the serial ports and I’m hoping to get a little more detail. According to the Atmel data sheet (SAM9X35 11055E-ATARM-10-Mar-2014) there are 4 USART ports and 2 UART ports. I actually use all 6 in my current app. However, it looks like only the USART ports provide RTS and CTS lines and some of the lines are used for other functions on the G400/Raptor.

COM2 on the GHI Raptor schematic explicitly calls out RTS and CTS lines so I’m assuming I can use those. COM2 looks like it maps to USART0 in the Atmel data sheet so that makes sense. Is that correct?

It looks like the RTS and CTS lines for USART1 (PC27 and PC28 ) and USART2 (PB0 and PB1) are available as uncommitted GPIO lines. USART1 maps to COM3 and USART2 maps to COM4. Is it correct to assume that handshaking will be available on those ports?

Is it possible to handshake on USART3? If so, what COM port does it map to?

Thanks - Gene

@ Gene - Handshaking is only available on COM2 (USART0). The datasheet is the definitive reference on what is supported.

@ John - Thanks John. I get you on the data sheet but ever since I figured out how to use all 6 COM ports on the Raptor even though the schematic only shows 5, I figure if I look hard enough I’ll discover hidden functionality. Oh well, not this time.

Cheers - Gene