G400, how fast are you? can play a movie?

can G400 play a movie?
With Speed of SD and performance on G400, I think "Yes"
Everything in C#, no RLP needed. I am trying to play another movie on Display N18, so play 2 moive at that same time?

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The G400 is a nice butt kicking system and Gadgeteer is following a well know path in that CPU power will grow quickly (battery/power on the other hand likely won’t grow at the same rate).

Nice! ;D

What video format are you using?

Cobra could play a movie, too.

Here’s an ATMega88 running at 8MHz playing video: AVR atmega88 and graphic LCD "movie player" - YouTube

I would like to see a sample code where Cobra II plays movie on 256x64 display without using RLP.

I could not even get 4 fps without RLP.

Dat is not using rlp :slight_smile: and he is playing a standard video format :slight_smile:

@ iamin -

Please wait for us to do some improvements and think about how to use it easier, because a movie is not only 320x240 but also 640x480 or 800x600 (hope it is fast enough on 7 inch 800x600), then you will have it shortly.

RLP can lock the thread when you buffering data, if that is not your commercial project or you can share a part of it (public here or email to us), we will try to help you if we can.

@ Dat
I am using 128x64, 16 bit gray scale display. I have tried to do a simple clock with refresh rate of 4 times a second to test speed. Cobra II could not handle it without RLP. If you would look into this case, I could build you a sample project.

@ Gus
And he is doing that on Cobra II? :open_mouth:

@ iamin - G400 (Raptor)

If you would look into this case, I could build you a sample project. => yes, you can send us then we can see what we can help,

@ iamin -

max for 128x64 can be 13fps on FEZ Corba II (G120) as I just did a raw test, because it is small

The real speed can be 10 fps with that screen size, I think

This is not video decoding but steaming some bitmaps as is form SD card to the screen. Any micro can do that and interpreted C# will be even fast enough. Dat is trying to decode a standard video format. Basically the same file your PC would play. Details come later :slight_smile:

My point, Gus, was that even an 8-bit micro that’s running at 1/50th of the clock speed, without a real SD interface, with 8k flash and 1k RAM can play video.

What codec is in use here?

I did a test myselft. Here is my video playback imitation with Cobra II using RLP, ~10 fps.

@ iamin -

awesome, share with us your code if you can :))

@ Dat, I have sent you a private message :wink: