G400-D vs G400-S

I still have a G400-D + G400HDR from the early days before the Raptor came into existance.

I was just comparing the specs and apart from the form factor, price and the current consumption it does not not look like there is much else that differentiate the two functionally. Or am I missing something?

In other words, if I want to use my G400-D as a Raptor will it do the same thing? (Of course I do realise that I probably will need to do some wiring as its does not the right Gadgeteer sockets)

@ KiwiSaner - Functionality will be the same. The Dimm200 package does provide a few extra GPIO though.

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@ James - I believe the D module has a Ethernet phy on it, while the S version does not?

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@ Mike - Hi Mike, you are correct. The G400-D has the PHY while the G400-S does not. However, the pins on the G400-S are exposed to allow the user to add their own PHY for the built-in Ethernet.

Correct as long as the same phy is used