G400-D V1.2 installed on a ChipworkX Developer System V1.5 firmware update comment

I was trying to update the firmware and I could not get the Bootloader serial port to show

up by following the instructions found at https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/112/g400

Beta Firmware Update Procedure:

The following steps are necessary to update the G400 Beta firmware:

Copy the newest firmware into the G400 Beta Programmer folder.
Put the G400 into bootloader mode by grounding PA11 (do not hold pin PA11 to ground no
longer than 3 seconds or damage may result to the mainboard). You will see the bootloader in “Devices and Printers” or “Device Manager”. From there, you will need to locate the COM port number.

Double click on the CommandPrompt file to load the command prompt (you can manually run the command prompt and navigate to the G400 Beta Programmer folder if you wish).
At the command prompt, type ProgramG400 COMx (x being the COM port that the bootloader selected; NOTE - COM needs to be typed in all caps) and press enter.
Wait till the process is complete. A log file will appear when the process is complete.

I was getting nowhere fast, so I had to begin thinking about what I was doing…

All I ever saw was:
Debuggable .Net Micro Framework Device
GHI.NET Micro Framework USB Debugging Interface
in the Windows Device Manager and the G400 in Devices and Printers.

So then I read ‘How to Use Programmer.txt’ in the G400 Beta Programmer folder created when unzipping G400 Beta Programmer.zip downloaded from GHI. This contains Sam-Ba and all the files needed. How to Use Programmer.txt is worded a bit differently than the text shown on the GHI web page instructions.

I initially had the USB ‘AND’ a auxillary power supply connected to my ChipworkX Developer System. (Big mistake!)

I removed the Auxillary power supply, unplugged the USB cable and held a jumper to PA11. I reconnected the USB cable while still holding the jumper and then quickly removed the jumper.

BINGO! I had the serial port!

By the way… The ChipworkX pin that connects to the G400 J11 is SPI1/PA0/MISO (Third header pin up from the bottom, right hand side row)

I also noticed that the bootloader Serial Port showed up as GPS Camera Detect (COM36). This seems to be the same port my Nicon camera uses?

All in all it boiled down to jumper PA11 to ground from a POWER REMOVED STATE and THEN connect the USB cable (And Of course, quickly remover the grounding jumper)!

Now if I only had a bit of sample code for the G400 I’d be in good shape!

EDIT: I have to state that I received the G400 and the firmware was already loaded. I just wanted to go through the procedure myself.

After the firmware update and reset the display shows:

Build Date:
May 6 2013
15:12:21 << This number changed from ‘as received from GHI’

Waiting for debug commands…

Have a great day!

Yes, while you have a power source the jumper doesn’t do anything - this is true for any GHI device. You need to use the jumper in power-down state and that means no power from either USB or external power supply.

I tried the same thing but Windows 7 didn’t recognize the serial port. It just shows an unknown device in device manager. If i reset it just goes back to the G400 Build date screen.

Any ideas?

your problem is getting the driver installed, for some reason it’s not being recognised as a COM port. What shows in device manager when it runs normally? Do you have another PC to try on?

Normally it shows Debuggable .NET Micro Framework Device–>>GHI .NET Micro Framework USB Debugging Interface.

@ rncox

Are you using the ChipworkX Dev board? What is the pin you are trying to ground? Please see this link for ChipworkX to G400-D comparison: http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/man/ChipworkX_vs_G400.pdf

Thanks Aron. I am using the Chipwork Dev board and I did use the chart to ground the correct pin. PA0 - third up from the bottom on the right side. That is correct right?