G400-d i2c


I can see that there is some traffic on the SDA line during G400-D boot-up, before we can have access to I2C in code. Does anybody know what is going on ?

I do not have a logic analyzer (yet), so I can only see with the oscilloscope that something is happening on the line but cannot tell more.

Probably Flash memory transactions

That might explain it if Flash memory was I2C based rather than SPI based which it is.

Nobody else ? Even at GHI ?

From Page 11 of the Atmel ARM926EJ-S-Microcontroller-SAM9X35_Datasheet.pdf

The PA30 “Reset State” column shows “PIO, I, PU, ST”. That means the line PIO30 is configured as
an Input with Pull-Up and Schmitt Trigger enabled.

So prior to init of I2C code, the port will go hi on reset.

@ Bec a Fuel -

How did you see it? We were using I2C analyzer and did not capture any I2C traffic.
Try to flash the board and make sure no application running on it.