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G400-D / HDR board assembly question


Is there any instructions available describing the proper way to mount the G400-D SOM on the G400HDR board? Most DIMM sockets I’ve encountered “tilted” to allow insertion of the memory module. It does not appear that the DIMM socket on the G400HDR tilts?

I just received my beta kit and before I destroy anything I thought some instruction would be in order.



There is a video on YouTube where Gus presents the G400. He inserts it into the HDR. You can see how he is doing there.


Thanks Architect, Do you have a link to the video?


Can’t find the video, but here is an image of the first step. Basically push it all the way to the socket under angle first.


This is the same DIMM used on laptops


Thanks guys… I found the original video and it clearly showed how to handle the module :slight_smile: