G30 UART voltage level

I’m interested in interfacing a ESP8266 to the G30 development board.

Since the ESP8266 serial interface operates at 3.3V my question is if the
G30 UART also operates at 3.3V? Or will I be required to step the voltage down?


You can wire it directly. By the way, I am interested in learning more so let us know about your progress please.

If you haven’t seen it already, there was quite a bit of discussion about the ESP8266 and @ munderhill even created a Gadgeteer module using it. Not sure if anyone’s tested it with the G30 yet but quite a bit of work has been done in developing a NETMF driver for it.


I am using the ESP03 and ESP12E variants of the ESP8266 with G30HDR, G30TH, G30Dev and the G30-based Verdant Oracs. The PervasiveDigital drivers on nuget work with all of these, and include an HTTP stack.