G30 SPI Clock Rate

What is the minimum clock rate for the G30 in the SPI.Configuration set up? When assigning a rate to my L6470 motor controller, the registers will only set to the correct values when the clock is assigned a rate of 1 kHz. This seems extremely low which causes me to wonder if this is the result of another problem.

I have it wired up to SPI1 since I was told SPI2 can be bugged on the G30.

I read in other posts the minimum frequency is ~329k. I tried setting 200k and it didn’t work, but setting 1k worked. If anything below 329k defaults to 329k, why wouldnt 1 kHz and 200 kHz produce different resaults?

The maximum SPI clock is documented in the G30 datasheet in the SPI section: https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/man/G30_Datasheet.pdf

Sorry I meant to say minimum! Setting two different values below the described threshold produces different results, one of which doesn’t work. This is a huge thing stopping my motor set up.

The minimum is 328KHz for SPI0 and 164KHz for SPI1. Keep in mind that the SPI controller can only output frequencies based on a divider from a source clock. So 165KHz for example is likely not possible. Notice that 164 * 2 = 328.