G30 Interrupt Pins available while using UARTs and SPI?


So I have 6 input ports available to me. Recent changes in my product’s design have given me a good opportunity to debounce switches that previously were not debounced. So before I was polling them and the length of the operations triggered made debouncing irrelevant because the loop wasn’t returned to execution for awhile. Now I think I may debounce the switches and use interrupts. Eliminating a control loop in my program entirely.

So my question:

My available input ports for switches are PB8, PB9, PCO, PC1, PC2, and PC3. I need four of them to connect to switches.

I’m wondering if I can actually use interrupts on these pins given that I use COM1 (PA9, PA10), and COM2 (PA2, PA3) as UARTs, I also use PC9, PC8 for SPI SS lines.

Will this make the interrupts not available? In other words does the SerialPort class and the SPI class use up interrupt channels?

Use of serial and SPI should not take up any GPIO interrupts.