G30/G80TH 3V3 regulator

Quick question. Judging by the product pictures these don’t have place for the regulator like Cerb40. Is that correct?

No. That was proven to be problematic and confusing.

@ Gus - Thank you.

Sorry, this thread is a bit old, if you want a regulator onboard, you can do something like this: (see picture below)
The pinout of the TH-Modules fits for most of the regulators (http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/115/AZ1117-776390.pdf for example), so you just have to solder it onto the board (I recomend to verify the pinout first, because some types have another pin-configuration).
I use this for beardboarding, so I have to use less space on the breadboard.



As a temporary measure I found a similar but more expensive option on eBay


you could/should probably also make sure you solder the tab to GND, although that may then cause heat issues as well since the PCB is usually made to be a bit more of a heatsink

Or use this as an excuse to fancy it up with a fancy copper rooster tail heatsink :smiley:

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