G30 Dev Board

This was “not available” as of last week but few days ago we have posted a black and white image of it and no one said anything! I didn’t think this would slip the community :slight_smile:

When you find it, zoom in and find a really cool networking chip on there :wink:


https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/netmf … take another look ;D

Out of curiosity, why full-size SD cards on the dev boards? I guess you can always use microSD with adapter, but seems like most everything is microSD these days, so just wondering. Cheaper parts?

@ devhammer - micro sd on a large development board? How long before you lose the card? :slight_smile: we rather use micro on everything as it is easier and cheaper.

@ Gus - Right…that’s why I was asking. If it’s cheaper, great. But losing the cards? Meh, doesn’t seem to be a problem for phones, tablets, or Raspberry Pi boards. :wink:

@ devhammer - But those just stay in the device 99.9% of the time. ;D

@ devhammer - correct, you never lose them because you never take them out :slight_smile: on a development board, you will be going back and forth between the dev board and your pc.

Not to mention, unless you have a newer PC or Laptop with a micro-only SD slot, you will either need a full-sized one or an adapter anyway.

That’s right GHI tell @ devhammer why his line of thinking is wrong, GO TEAM! :clap:

I heard that @ devhammer has started keeping lists.

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A list of people that need micro sd adapters :whistle:

I think @ Gus and @ Gary should stick to shipping boards…there’s no future for them in comedy. :snooty:

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If anyone wants a clearer larger image to start with…

Keep digging :slight_smile:

By now pretty much everyone looking at it must have seen the W5500 …

What are we searching for ?

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@ Rajesh - Gus is looking for some TLC … :whistle:

It’s the Wiznet 5500 duh! As soon as you said, “Cool networking chip” I knew. Didn’t even have to look at the pic.

We already saw the 5500 on the image brett posted though…

@ mtylerjr - I know, I just posted late :frowning: