G30 Configuration One Write per Entry Name?

what does this mean? It would be really beneficial if you articulated your problem statements more fully so us logical thinkers can assist.

@Brett the 252 kbit EEPROM I have prefers 64 kbit page writes…if you do less than a page, any address after what you write that is on the same page gets erased. I just have to write way more data to EEPROM than I want to since I have to do full the page instead of just writing 2-4 bytes to flash (more often than Gus would like but the device wouldn’t be getting erased for years so I don’t see what the problem is).

so you do or don’t have space for the data in your eeprom? I still don’t get why the page size matters - read in the page, update the necessary values, write… heck you could even keep the whole page in memory if you’re not doing your own wear levelling. Or if you’re just storing a small amount, just write the whole page even though you don’t have more than a handful of bytes…

I have posted this code before but it seems to be a good solution to this issue.

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I got my EEPROM optimized it just took a significant amount of rearranging which bits come first on the last page and also writing full pages at once when only a bit was needed. I just wanted it to be easy lol and use Configuration space.