G30 and G80

The links seem to be broken for the User Manuals for the G30 and G80?

@ dweaver - Where are you seeing broken links?

@ John -

I did a search for “G30 User Manual” and "G80 User Manual both returned with links like above. However the links were broken. Is there a user manual for G30 or G80?

@ dweaver - There are no longer separate user manuals for the G30 and G80. They each have their own datasheets that cover technical information and the NETMF manual covers things in more details and is applicable to every device.


Thanks for the prompt reply! I have downloaded the SDK and see a Manual for the G120 are the pin outs the same? I am considering ordering the G80 TH and adding ethernet and and SD card.

no, G30 and G80 are not the same as G120. If you go to the product page you’ll see schematics on each of them that you can use as reference.