G120HDR where is it at in VS2010?

I have been away from .netmf for some time. yesterday i wanted to see what has changed. So i downloaded and installed everything again.
I just updated the firmware for the G120HDR, which went smooth other than having to tell it what driver to use.
When i open a project in VS i dont see anything GHI related in there like i remember seeing 8-10 months ago.
Also i dont see mf4.2 in my drop down list as shown here.


your SDK/s aren’t installed right. Can you show us what shows up in the add/remove programs list as installed? Screen shot please.

actually, can you also show us a screenshot of the Gadgeteer templates?

You mean templates? They were removed. Just create a console 4.2 project.

Is this what you asking ?

@ GUS, yes i believe that is what i was thinking about.

So is there any getting started examples for the G120HDR, like i saw for the Hydra ?

Hydra is gadgeteer, g120 is a module targeted for experienced engineers. There will be more details in near future but as for user friendly, gadgeteer always wins.

makes sense…