G120HDR stopped functioning - USB Client DP v1.3 Flashing LED

I got a usb client dp attached to a G120HDR board powered by 24VDC. It was working for about 15 minutes then just stopped and the client dp’s led is flashing. if i disconnect the G120HDR the light goes solid like normal.
It is doing it with 2 different usb client DPs and i tried the DPs with a different G120HDR and it is working with no problem.

Any Ideas on what could be causing this?

anybody know what the flashing led on the client dp indicates?

Over current or over temperature. My guess is that some static blew up some circuitry on the G120 module. I hope not!

Should i contact for an RMA?

Yes you can

Should i de solder the connectors or do you want to see it with them on?

i put in a request for an RMA days ago and still no response.
any update GHI?

@ MikeCormier - Was it from the order on the July 18th?