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G120HDR -Socket K


I have two questions but they are linked

I want to connect a CellularRadio module on the G120HDR mainboard but there is no socket K. How to proceed ?
It seem it is possible.
If I try the socket initialization shows in the thread or in this thread I have an error.
I have try socket 4 and socket 6.

#### Exception Gadgeteer.Socket+InvalidSocketException - 0x00000000 (1) ####
#### Message: Socket 6 does not support type 'K'  required by CellularRadio module

Question 2
There is a confusion in my mind about G120HDR.
In the new documentation it is written “While G120HDR has a few Gadgeteer sockets, to ease use in certain scenarios, it is not a .NET Gadgeteer mainboard and should not be used as such”.

But I have already realised a MF 4.2 Gadgeteer projet with GHI SDK 2014-R2 and the G120HDR mainboard template published on CodeShare.
This Gadgeteer projet is made with a Gadgeteer template, the G120HDR mainboard, WifiRS21, USB Client DP and 10 LedMatrix.
I have finished to translate this Gadgeteer project to MF4.3 and GHI SDK 2014-R5 with modification described here :

In summary: how to proceed to create a project with the G120HDR with a K socket ?
Create a project from Gadgeteer template or create a project from MF template ?

Thank for your help.


@ andre.m
Thank you for your answer. It is OK, my CellularRadio module runs on the G120HDR board.
I have try PPP connection with success.


Now the confused person is me…

I want to build a project with a cellular radio and some sensors (1 socket Y, 1 socket K, 1 socket U). I’ve tested everything on a cobra II and now i was planning to replace cobra II for G120HDR. I’ve already identified every pin on the MCU that i need to connect to my sensors.
I was planning to build this new project the same way i built cobra II project (gadgeteer), this is not the better/right way?


The text mentioned earlier is on the GHI site. There is a community supported Gadgeteer mainboard definition, but it is not GHI that support it - it’s the community. Remember that the intent of Gadgeteer was to avoid needing to know about pins and wiring things up, but the G120HDR is exactly the opposite, you need to know more about what you’re doing. That’s why the disclaimer.

Having said that, assuming you manage the pins, you can directly take the app for Cobra2 and deploy it to the G120HDR with no changes.


Got it, thanks.