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G120HDR r1 still restarting


Hello. I made board for my G120HDR. Yesterday I updated firmwire. Today I tried put my old program to G120 but G120 started restarting (windows plug and unplug sounds). Everytime when I connect G120 to PC windows play few plug and unplug sounds and G120 is not detected. I tried boot with L0 and L1 in LOW but I got same result. On the picture is schema of my board. Thanks for responses.


boot into loader mode, and erase everything, reapply the firmware. That will get rid of any application you have on there that might be causing issues


I tried boot with L0 and L1 in LOW … for few second is all OK…but then plug/unplug sounds again. Its so little time for erase. Sometimes I get UNKOWN DEVICE. But yesterday it was ok. And drivers are ok.


@ BeranekCZ - I recognize this behavior. When it happens to me i set L0 & L1 low again, reset the board… wait for the windows sound that it recognized an usb device and then set L0 & L1 high again…


@ RobvanSchelven - When my G120 disconnects itself…I can press reset btn 100x and nothing happend. Its scheme OK?


I dont know why and how…but now its ok and I finaly erase all by G120 updater. Miracle :smiley:


@ BeranekCZ - Schema looks fine…assuming that the voltage regulator is 3.3Volt… You could try to remove all GHI related USB drivers and reinstall them again. Maybe you know this utility “usbdeview.exe” a handy tool to remove usb drivers…

EDIT… Wonderful that it works :slight_smile: