G120HDR 1.0 Appears Dead

What is the G120HDR supposed to pull for current on the 3.3V? I have been using it with the USB DP module but the unit suddenly stopped working this morning. The NXP chip gets too hot to touch within about 10 seconds and the unit is drawing 800mA. It also does not show up on the USB port with either the LDR0 LDR1 pins pulled high or low. Mode also seems to have no affect.

It should only draw about 50mA

@ Gus - So would you say it’s safe to assume I need to order a new board…

Sadly yes. Be careful with static, which builds more in winter months due to dry air.

@ Gus - Thank you Gus for such a fast reply. I must of made a mistake somewhere. I do have it placed on my desk with a static mat. I’m just glad it was only a rev 1.0 board.

@ Gus - Just something to be mentioned. I updated to yesterday with the new SDK. Just wanted to make sure it was not the cause.

It is not the software.

@ Gus - Ok, thank you.