G120E Development Board Display

Hi Guys,

Does anybody know if the 3.5 TFT display on the G120E development board is touch sensitive?

If so, how would I go about reading it in TinyCLR OS? Is it just a case of having to read the lines via the ADC?



The display does support resistive touch. However, TinyCLR doesn’t have a resistive touch driver at the moment. You’d have to try and implement one on your own if needed.

Thanks John,

I haven’t got the board here with me at the moment but in theory can I just do something like this:

public class Touch
    private readonly GpioPin _x2Pin;
    private readonly GpioPin _y2Pin;
    private readonly GpioPin _x1Pin;
    private readonly GpioPin _y1Pin;

    private readonly AdcChannel _x1Adc;
    private readonly AdcChannel _y1Adc;

    public Touch()
        var gpioController = GpioController.GetDefault();

        _x1Pin = gpioController.OpenPin(G120E.GpioPin.P0_23);
        _x2Pin = gpioController.OpenPin(G120E.GpioPin.P2_23);
        _y1Pin = gpioController.OpenPin(G120E.GpioPin.P0_24);
        _y2Pin = gpioController.OpenPin(G120E.GpioPin.P3_31);

        var adcController = AdcController.GetDefault();

        _x1Adc = adcController.OpenChannel(G120E.AdcChannel.P0_23);
        _y1Adc = adcController.OpenChannel(G120E.AdcChannel.P0_24);

        new Thread(Monitor).Start();

    private void Monitor()
        while (true)
            //Read X


            var x = _y1Adc.ReadValue();

            // Read Y


            var y = _x1Adc.ReadValue();

            if (x != 0)
                Debug.WriteLine(x + "," + y);


Is there an existing NetMF driver that I could port over?

It’ll be something along those lines, yes. I don’t have a test program handy at the moment.