G120E Dev Board Not In Toolkit

I just received my G120E dev board and to my surprise the board isn’t in the latest, not pre-release, toolbox or an option to start a new project with. Must I load the 2016 pre-release SDK in order to get the board? What am I missing?

There is no “toolbox” for NETMF products. Are you referring to gadgeteer?

All you need to get started is the NETMF manual and the latest SDK.

@ Gus - Thanks… You mean the pre-release SDK?

latest release or pre-release, up to you. I would go with pre-release as it seem very stable.

By the way, I mean this when I say NETMF manual https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/NETMF/NETMF_for_Beginners.pdf

It is listed as one of the steps on the support page.

@ Gus - Yep, found it… I’ve become accustomed to having a gadgeteer board show up when starting a new project that I failed to realize that I wasn’t using gadgeteer but straight netmf. Thanks for the help!