Is there a Arduino compatible board planned with the G120?

Since there is not an Arduino compatible EMX board I would guess the answer is no…

Can you please explain why you need such option?

I find that design very usefull for prototyping.

You may say Gadgeteer is an option, too, but I don’t like that graphical stuff in Visual Studio and in most cases I have no modules to connect to the board, but my own circuits…

So you need G120 on a board with header, not necessary “arduino”, correct?

Yes, sorry for being unprecise.

I thought about a board with SD slot, Ethernet, I/O Pins etc.

Maybe a board that can also be used in a single-unit (or low quantity) production …

We have few ideas for what you need.

Sorry, but what do you mean?

Do you mean you know what I mean?


OK, thanks!

When G120 is available, will it run the latest NETMF 4.2 or even 4.3?