G120 with LCD (Sync, Data Enabled)

We are planing to use a New Heaven Display 4.3" w. Touch for an application.

In the interface to the LCD there two basic kinds of operation options called:
“Sync” or “Sync + DE”
, where DE means Data Enabled.

“sync + DE” is reselected with at hardware pull-up resistor (we do not like to remove this one).

Does the G120, NETMF Gadgeteer, display driver support the use of an IO-pin for generating the Data Enabled signal?
And how to config this?

From what I’ve read over the weekend the LCD_EN on the “B” socket is DataEnable. Gus might chime in here to confirm, but that was what I traced to the CPU manual running on the EMX module…

Yes that is it.

OP’s colleague here.
On the LCD connnector on the screen there’s both a DE(Data Enable) and a Display enable
So I assumed that the LCD_EN on the G120 was supposed to go to the Display Enable, because of their similar names.
But if G120 LCD_EN is indeed DE then that’s alright :smiley:
Thanks for the quick reply

I am trying to activate my LCD with 800X480.
obviously I dont see anything.
With scope I see that all signals are OK.
Except LCD_DEN. Its stable on 3.3V (or floating, I dont know).
How can I activate Data enable line on top of the HSYNC and VSYNC ?

I have G400-D module (with FEZRaptor)

@ amirke - Welcome to the forum.

I suggest you start a separate thread with your question.

You should include a little more information. For example, what model is the LCD, how have you attached it to the Raptor, and what have you done to initialize the LCD.