G120 Wifi - Upgrading 4.2 vs 4.3 R5

In the past (4.2) the Wi-Fi module (WiFiRS9110) would start updating himself after an error but with a timeout from 100 sec. I’m stress testing 4.3 R5 and in this release Wi-Fi module start upgrading (not updating) but without time out? I have a test setup were the Wi
fi module is spawning “Upgrading…” in the attached MFdeploy tool for 14 hours ???

Anyone has ideas how to detect when the module gets in this state and how to get around this in the software?

@ David@ Emrol - I will add a timeout to the update in a coming release. In the mean time, can you share more about what caused the update to begin in the first place?

Hi John, it’s not completely clear for me where this is started from, i have a screenshot attached. It is not always on the same moment, sometimes i can crash it after 20 cycles, sometimes i have to loop 500 cycles, but i always seem to be able to get the module in this “upgrading” state.

The only thing to get it back on his feet is reset the board.

@ David@ Emrol - If you can create a small program that reliably shows the problem (even if it takes an unknown number of cycles) we will be happy to take a look.

I will make a minimal project next week.