G120 TH module needs mounting holes

So I just got my first G120 TH module, and the first thing my college asked is why are there only 2 mounting holes. If I only knew.

@ andre.m - Actually, since I’m soldering in 26awg wires into those holes, more of the mechanical stress will be away from the mounting holes, resulting in possible via fracture and increased replacement costs.

In all reality you wouldn’t build a real world design that has flying leads. You would use the 2 side rows to fit into a base board and the 2 holes to secure it. The GXP connector can connect to your display via a ribbon cable so no issues with that one.

The idea of the TH board is that for some people it makes it easier to connect to their board using 2.54mm pitch connections instead of trying to solder the castellated pins on the G120 although technically they are dead easy to do even by hand. :slight_smile: