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G120 & T43 Touch Sample code


Can some give me a sample code for touch events.
Most of the samples I found here does not compile for G120



@ microt - should be able to get you started. That touch code works on our T43 and TE35 displays.


Thanks John

I tried it, it ran…But it did not generate any touch events.

I used the C# programs.
First it did not find .Run
So I had to inherit from : Application

Not sure if I am doing the right thing

Should I be using “Touch In Gadgeteer” example on G120


Sorry I thought it was obvious

public class Program : Application
private Bitmap lcd;

 public static void Main()
     Program app = new Program();

     [b]app.Run(); [/b]

But my questions is which example will work on G120
Gadgeteer or C#