G120 stuck in loader 'Bad/No firmware detected.'

I have a G120 on a custom board I have built. It has been working great for a little while. The other day it suddenly stopped running so I attached a serial cable and opened TeraTerm. I erased the memory and tried to XMODEM ‘G120_TinyBooter.GHI’ to the board. It takes it but still says ‘Bad firmware’. I have seen memory error contact GHI before but never this symptom.

I have verified that the board is getting 3.3V and proper grounding. I do not have pin 59 attached to anything.

@ High-Speed Dan -

Try to remove all modules are connected to G120, or any device are using SPI than try again!

@ Dat - FYI, I’ve been seeing the same error on 2 or 3 of my custom G120 boards. I shipped a defective board to Gus for evaluation a few months back. Maybe you can poke around there and see if you find anything.

@ Dat - I’ll have to cut some traces to completely disconnect SPI1. The pins for SPI2 and SPI3 are floating. This is NOT an HDR board. It’s a G120 on a custom board.

P0_18 (Pin 11) connects to a MAX1483 (Pin2) receive enable.
P0_15 (Pin 13) is floating.
P0_17 (Pin 15) connects to a MAX3232 (pin 12)R1 OUT which should be pulled up internally in the MAX3232.

I’m guessing I’ll have to cut these traces? I can patch up the board after so if I need to do it I can. It just seems weird that after a year this issue starts to happen.

Did this ever get resolved? I’m having exactly this problem on two of our custom boards with G120

Sorry for the delay in the response, is this when running NETMF?

Is there any Spi device connected to G120 and using Spi2 bus?