G120 SPI SD-Card Supported In Any Way?

I know that the question is a golden oldie and that you’ve probably already dispatched ninja’s to take me out to the woodshed for asking it again. But I’m gonna…

Is there any firmware support of SPI-driven SD-card sockets which presents a file-system-style volume on the G120 [4.3/R4]?

I ask with the understanding that dedicated MMC interfacing pins are provided, but I have very limited form-factor space and the perfect part to satisfy the physical design needs. MMC may be better but can the SPI solution be achieved short of customizing the porting kit to make it happen?

Some things that have kept me on the trail include…

  • Reference to G400 support of SPI-driven SD-card socket in the forum
  • Presence of the "GHI.IO.Storage.SDCard.SDInterface.SPI (yes, there is a “device dependent” qualifier here)

This last presumably assumes reservation of a specific SPI channel and default timing values as there isn’t a way (at least that I can find) to associate an SPI.Configuration with the SDCard interface…

'Nuff said…let’s put this puppy to bed once and for all (grin)…


@ SIM - The SD SPI interface is only supported on the G400.

As I feared… will find a way with MMC microSD, though options for MMC driven socket breakouts are few and far between…wired up an SD-to-microSD adapter and used the G120’s native MMC interface to keep moving on first blush code development…lit up like a champ, though it’s not workable for prototype integration…

Thanx for the definitive answer…


Hi John, Was this added back in to the SDK as I recall it was removed and I had to rework my boards to use the SD card interface?

It would be great if supported as I could then use these old boards and not waste them.

@ Dave McLaughlin - you really shouldn’t be using the spi interface. Maybe we had to put it back for someone.

@ Gus - I know but the original design was based on the ChipworkX module and I ported the code to G400 which worked great until you guys removed the SD SPI interface :frowning:

I have a reworked board that uses the full SD card interface but I also have legacy boards on the shelf that would be good to use for the odd project here and there that does not need speed for the SD. I only use SD to store settings and a simple log file. Speed is not important.

Don’t know if this will help but I recently swapped the SD card (full size SD, we dropped micro SD when GHI stopped selling the micro SD module) on one of our system for a USB flash drive running off one of the USB host ports on the Raptor (G400). It was pretty straight forward and the overall foot print is quite small with the micro USB Flash drive we’re using.