G120 Slow SD card

Maybe. Code is not ready to be sold yet, currently it’s being thoroughly tested with different cards and different clock speeds. I expect to have it ready/finished in 2 weeks.

I am really curious :))).
That is a perfect speed.

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Ok… well think about it after testing and let me know

Update: code is almost ready. There are some read/write speed improvements (3.5MB/s read and 2.5MB/s write speeds on 32GB card), software selectable pin for card detect so you can wire it to any pin you like (and also supports Cobra II - pin P1.8), event driven card detection (no polling from net mf), auto card mounting, auto write flushing etc.

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2nd update: There were some problems with writes probably due to clock being too high so speeds are a bit lower now but still high eg. 3MB/s read, 2MB/s write. I’m doing some final tests and I expect to have it ready next week.

I’m currently working on NetMF classes to make it very easy to interface with SD card. And as a bonus - I tested it with a 64gb MicroSDXC and it works perfectly (card must be formatted as FAT32 - can be done using G120!, exFAT is not supported).

So far tests were performed with 1GB SD (Sandisk), 3x 4GB SDHC (Kingston, Sandisk, Sandisk Extreme), 2x 32GB SDHC (Transcend, Sandisk) and 64GB SDXC (Sandisk). If I get my hands on more SD cards I’ll test with those as well but so far every card worked.

Respect!.. That’s is big improvement compared to the original speed. I recently tested a 8GB Sandisk Extreme Pro SD card, which is specified as 95MB / Sec. On G120 i could get any faster as 122 KB/Sec for writing :frowning:

@ RobvanSchelven: I sent you an email (to info@ se…s.eu). Please read :slight_smile:

already replied :wink:

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I’m also interested in your code, as I also have some strange issues while storing/retrieving datas on SD Card/G120 (DataLogger).

Thanks !

I’m doing some final tests. C source code probably won’t be provided, just compiled ELF file and full source of NetMF driver which interfaces with RLP (basically a wrapper for RLP methods). NetMF portion is well documented and very easy to use.

@ Hyperlisk - Do you know if its possible to load multiple elf files. I can find out myself if you don’t know the answer right away. But maybe you already know the answer :slight_smile:

Yes it is possible. I tested it couple of hours ago. No code changes are necessary because you simply call LoadELF / InitializeBSSRegion / GetProcedure for each ELF file you have. Only problem could be RLPEvent - it is shared between all ELF files and therefore data parameter should be different for each ELF file to avoid problems with event handling eg. both ELF files could raise RLPEvent with data=1 and you wouldn’t know which one did.
My SD card driver allows you to specify custom integer for card inserted/card removed events to avoid any clashing.

Thanks !

@ Hyperlisk - Thanks !

@ Hyperlisk - Did you got the code public? It would be interesting to test it.