G120 - Runs in Debugger Mode only!


I have an G120 application that are divided into 4 projects (due to the limited size of a project file). Say, graphics, hardware, tools etc. stuff in different projects.

In the application options the start up object is the one and only mainproject.program.

The strange thing is that is runs perfect in Debug mode, but it does not start up if the debugger is not attached. It seems that the application simply does not start.

Any ideas :think:

The other three projects, are they Micro Framework Console Applications, .NET Gadgeteer Applications, or Micro Framework Class Libraries?

If you have a graphic project, I guess you have at least a screen ?

Does it tell you somehting during boot ?

Can you add some Console.Writeline to se if it launch Main() at least…

The main is a Console Application the three others are Class Libraries.

  • this has worked before. I guess that it came with the last update.

My touch GUI interface is my own.
It uses the Window class with an Image and a Bitmap - that is all.
The other windows are just the same, but as child windows.

Try then to create a new empty Console project and implement this codeshare :


just to see if it really boot or not the main program

And only use this new project without any other lib first !

That code cannot be implemented on my custom board in an easy way.

But, I guess that it could be the combination of the Class Libraries and the use of Extended Weak Reference I use…

I will now try to do a new simple project and add one thing a time.

@ nsb - Let us know !

My Projects usually consist of a ConsoleApplication and a lot of class libraries (>10).
I never had such Problems.
May be you could Switch on/off some led as 1st Thing in your app, to see if Main() gets called.

@ nsb - Also, simply try to update the firmware again as maybe you had a problem during this step that you did not show…

So the problem is fixed…

I cleared the module completely…

But, I had a lot of problems with this!

I seemed that the module will not read the LDR0, LDR1, COM/USB pins. :wall:

But at last, it did, and now it is running… :dance:

Thanks for the suggestions!